Mr. Lucifer Subscribed to My Blog

Almost all of the blogs I referenced in Come Down and Play Around back in June went months without posting after we all published our thoughts about the old biblioblogosphere. It’s like we all went to our reunion, reminisced about the good old days, swore we’d meet up again, and then went back to our lives.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have a whole list of reasons why I stopped blogging for awhile, a combination of the usual junk that flows through my head at various points of the year and special circumstances that helped me suppress my desire to write. What occurred to me towards the end of 2018 was that this was a mistake: I need to write. I also need to relearn how to write.

I’m doing that a number of ways. I have a few different outlets set up: a Eurovision blog, a beer diary, some attempts at fiction in Google Docs that I treat like a morning jog, and of course, this site. As I wrote in my previous post, I have to figure out the story I want to tell here. What do I want to share about my job, my work habits, and my interests that aren’t related to Eurovision and beer? I don’t have answers just yet, but I’ll try not to make every post for the next two months about my search for a purpose. I may make beer recommendations, though.

I’m also trying to find different outlets (blogs, magazines, etc.) to expose me to new ideas and new ways to express myself. I tend to fall back on the same small group of resources. If I want to spread my wings to fly, I need to look beyond the ground in front of me to do so.

On that deep thought, let’s start a party in a schnapps distillery…