That’s How We Keep You In Repair

The three Rockville breweries have opened up online ordering services during the quarantine. Saints Row has been pick-up only, but both 7 Locks and True Respite have been providing deliveries. True Respite had the foresight to build an app called Bierme before the quarantine was fully in place to help brewers process online orders. It has worked so well that it has been used by breweries around the country, including Union.

7 Locks Brewing, meanwhile, is using ToastTab software to run its delivery service. Regardless of how they take my order, the upshot is that I can now get Surrender Dorothy sent to my house whenever I want. Oh yes, very nice!

Named after an infamous bit of graffiti on the Beltway near the LDS Temple, Surrender Dorothy is a rye-based IPA that tastes more like an English bitters-style ale. It has a subtle and appealing elderflower flavor that gives it depth. I usually pour it into a glass and hang out with my dog on my lap while I read or write or do crossword puzzles. Or just watch a bunch of videos on YouTube. I’m not going anywhere for awhile, and Surrender Dorothy holds up the entire time.

Another selection in my order was Paint Branch Pilsner. I adore Pilsners and am happy that local brewers are beginning to embrace them. Paint Branch was a new one for me, and I instantly fell in love. It has a sweet malt flavor, with a hint of lemon zest in the aftertaste. It’s good cold, but it also stands up at room temp, unlike some more mass-produced domestic lagers.

The last bit of my order was Raspberry Snakeden Saison. It’s aged in whiskey rye barrels and boy, does that come out when I tasted it. Sure, I got a whiff of raspberry when I opened the bottle, but the flavor was mostly of whiskey and caramel. The body was smooth, if a bit flat, but it had a lovely aftertaste of raspberry, yeast, and malt. It’s a complex and fanciful beer, and it made me happy.

And the fact that I could get this delivered to me makes me even happier. I wonder if Maryland’s byzantine liquor laws can finally be rethought after this period where they’ve been temporarily eased. Sure, there’s nothing like having a pint in a bustling pub atmosphere. On the other hand, it’s probably a lot more responsible to have your quaffs delivered to your home then going out for it. In the Baltimore Business Journal, True Respite co-founder Brendan O’Leary says, “I don’t think things can ever go back to the way they were but I don’t think they’ll stay the way they are. We’re probably going to find a middle ground somewhere.” Hear, hear.