His Patience’s Long but Soon He Won’t Have Any

I hope the cycle will finally be broken. We’ve gotten angry before, but nothing seemed to change. Is it different this time? Will the protests over the needless death of George Floyd be what it takes for acceptance and equality to finally overcome fear? Sowing fear is an easy tactic for maintaining control. As long as we let those who want power drive our fear, then we can be used.

My wife and I discussed with our son what happened to George Floyd, and what happened to Freddie Gray in Baltimore. That is no small part we can play to change the cycle. You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear, but you’ve also got be taught to treat everyone with empathy and respect. We will and must keep teaching.

Another lesson I want to teach my son is that we are fellow-passengers to the grave, not different races bound on other journeys. Were we to remember that more often.