Searching the Earth Like a Lost Worker Bee

My bureau started to telework full-time back in March. We are formulating and adjusting our plans to go back into the office. We have been receiving updates and guidelines on how our buildings will be set up to help us practice social distancing and to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This has gotten me to think about what’s going to change about work as we open back up. I want to look beyond the obvious immediate stuff like wiping down my workstation, wearing a mask when I walk the halls, and maybe even extended enclosures on cubicles. That’s going to be commonplace for the foreseeable future, even if I still can’t foresee the day when I return to the office.

I am thinking more about how we reconnect with each other after spending months only seeing each other through webcams and chatting through Slack. How do we regain camaraderie and support each other as we transition back? How will my place of work bridge all of the digital gaps exposed by the extended building closures? How will the metrics we use to measure success be adjusted now that our traditional model of doing business has been disrupted?

Will we have less meetings? Because I would like to have less meetings.

Those are the type of questions I want to explore on this site in the coming weeks. I plan to write about the tools we’re using and the ones we need, the data we collect and data we should, and all of the issues we face. I want to document how I work now and see how that changes as our situation evolves. We all believe that work will be permanently altered by our response to COVID-19. How will that belief bear out?