Don’t Jump Early If You’re Not Ready

In January, I made a resolution to write four posts a month. To achieve that end, I spent time working on ideas that could be spread across a number of posts. I figured having a couple of series I could draw on would help me get through any bouts of writer’s block that would surely arise. For the most part, that has worked out.

But I’ve had to shift those original plans to fit into… well, the world as it is right now. That means revamping some ideas to address what’s going on, and it also means abandoning some threads that don’t really jibe with what I want to write about these days (i.e. The Falco Project).

It’s easy to make plans, but it’s hard to adjust them when you realize they aren’t going to work out. That is pretty much the theme of 2020, isn’t it? We’re all just trying to figure out how we can manage in the short term in lieu of having long-term plans. But I can’t think of a better time to learn about resiliency and to rethink how things have always been done. Onward.