It Looks Just Like a Window

I am continuing to dive into my penchant for creative destruction to find more ways to use it to my advantage. I originally got on the subject as I was deleting my rarely used Twitter account and tweaking my website design to get rid of a blogroll populated with rarely updated websites. I’m good at tearing stuff down, but I often don’t replace that stuff with something better.

A lot of my complaints about the tools I use and the websites I visit have nothing to do with those products themselves, but my own vague dissatisfaction with how I am interacting with them. I end up either moving on from potentially useful services too quickly or returning to things I ditched earlier when I realize they’re better than I initially thought or at least better than nothing. That’s because my frustration with technology is a manifestation of broader frustrations that I rarely address.

I think that means I’m having my mid-life crisis right now. Maybe I’ll buy a Porsche.

Or, to be realistic and responsible, maybe I’ll re-evaluate my broader goals and try small changes now that will help me make better decisions later. (That sounds vague, but I am also trying very hard to avoid turning this post into a therapy session.)

The most obvious immediate adjustment is changing my publication schedule from Friday afternoons to Monday afternoons. While I am able to write stuff during the week, I tend to do the bulk of it towards the weekend, so I want to lean into that tendency.

As for all that other stuff I’m working on, I’m sure I’ll post updates on how it’s going. Just not on Twitter.

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