It Looks Just Like a Window

I am continuing to dive into my penchant for creative destruction to find more ways to use it to my advantage. I originally got on the subject as I was deleting my rarely used Twitter account and tweaking my website design to get rid of a blogroll populated with rarely updated websites. I’m good at tearing stuff down, but I often don’t replace that stuff with something better.

A lot of my complaints about the tools I use and the websites I visit have nothing to do with those products themselves, but my own vague dissatisfaction with how I am interacting with them. I end up either moving on from potentially useful services too quickly or returning to things I ditched earlier when I realize they’re better than I initially thought or at least better than nothing. That’s because my frustration with technology is a manifestation of broader frustrations that I rarely address.

I think that means I’m having my mid-life crisis right now. Maybe I’ll buy a Porsche.

Or, to be realistic and responsible, maybe I’ll re-evaluate my broader goals and try small changes now that will help me make better decisions later. (That sounds vague, but I am also trying very hard to avoid turning this post into a therapy session.)

The most obvious immediate adjustment is changing my publication schedule from Friday afternoons to Monday afternoons. While I am able to write stuff during the week, I tend to do the bulk of it towards the weekend, so I want to lean into that tendency.

As for all that other stuff I’m working on, I’m sure I’ll post updates on how it’s going. Just not on Twitter.

Life Is What Happens to You…

… while you’re busy making other plans.

I spent quite a bit of time planning out content for this blog, and I had a schedule in place and everything. But current events are inspiring me to reframe that a bit.

I want to keep writing, because it is a soothing hobby as much as it is a constructive method to work through stuff that I struggle to grok. I just need to reframe what I want to do right now.

One of the things I am going to start publishing soon is probably going to seem a bit bizarre to you. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and am finally getting up the gumption to do it. It involves two of my favorite topics: music and Austria.

Another thing I have planned is jumping back into the productivity well that I like to dip into from time to time. I had been wanting to revisit some of those old posts and update them, and right now is as good a time as any to do so.

I’m going to continue to do book reviews on a monthly basis, but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to take a break from the beer reviews. On the one hand, I was trying to visit a lot of my favorite breweries in person. On the other hand, 7 Locks is experimenting with home delivery… 🍻

Until next time: be well, stay safe, and remember that we are all fellow passengers, not different creatures bound on separate journeys.


May We All Have Our Hopes, Our Will to Try

Happy New Year!

For my New Year’s resolution, I have set myself a suitably ambitious plan for this blog. My goal is to write four posts a month: two career-minded pieces, one beer review, and one book review.

I’m not entirely sure I can pull that off, what with my full-time job and my other full-time job raising a kid who needs all the support he can get and my other other full-time job covering the Eurovision Song Contest for my other blog. But you don’t get anywhere if you start off by deciding that you won’t make it.

And, as this post should prove, I don’t have to make every single thing I write deeply profound. Just keep writing and get what you want to say out there.

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Blake Carver announced yesterday that LISHost will be shutting down in 2020. I’ve used LISHost for years to host my personal site and the Eurovision Lemurs blog, and I’ve always appreciated how helpful Blake has been in keeping them up and running. He’s amazing.

Of course, the first thing I thought after reading the announcement was that I needed a new place to host my sites. Since I don’t update this blog very often, I didn’t want to spend any money on hosting and whatnot. So I just imported my old content into a new WordPress site and am chugging along from there.

I have been reading Messy by Tim Harford, which is about how disarray leads to creativity. Reading about unexpected disruption at the exact time I was experiencing disruption made the book more enjoyable.

For now, inspired by Kendra K Levine, let’s let Boyz II Men take us out…